Friday, February 6, 2009


Went to Fogo de Chao downtown the other night. Delicious high-end all you can eat meat place.

Before going, I went online and read some reviews. Many discussed how the meat was inconsistent, or how it wasn't done to their liking (medium, rare, etc). 

As I went there and ate, I realized that I, along with anyone else with similar military experiences to me, would never be able to be a food critic. The amount of pickiness required to find things like that to criticize is just not within my capabilities. 

Through MRE's, second rate dining facilities, shortages of types of food (we went with only bacon for a while once), and occasional lack of food; any finicky aspects that I previously possessed have disappeared. 

Really, I'm thankful that I can now be happy with good, and don't have to be cursed to spending my life finding things that prevent perfection.