Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's nice to break things down into their simplest forms and only think of now. 

Most days, you can generally count on the following highlights:
  • 0600 - Chow
  • 1200 - Lunch Break
  • 1800 - Dinner
  • Working out or running
  • Any free time that pops up
  • 2200 - Sleep
And lowlights:
  • Wakeup (0300-0530, depending, could change if you're doing movement too)
  • 0700ish - Start work
  • Any duties, tasks, etc that you have to do that you know will suck

Additional things of course come into play all the time. For instance, out on the rifle range, which is a generally fun activity for me, I zeroed my weapon right away. Pretty excited, I figured I'd get to go right out to the Qualifying course. But alas, since I was one of the first couple done zeroing, we had to load magazines for everyone else.

Unexpected things like that are really what screw up the good flow of turning off your brain that you can generally count on in the Army.