Monday, April 27, 2009

Porta-Potttie (The Power of Privacy)

You might think that a porta-pottie in the desert would be about the least desirable place to be, with urine on the floor, profane graffiti on the walls, and the smell of hot human feces percollating right beneath you. However, honestly, some of the best times of my day are the moments in the porta-pottie.

It is about the only time on deployment that you can find privacy. There is nobody in there with you, and nobody comes and disturbs you because when you lock the door it automatically puts a sign up that tells everyone that it's occupied. This provides time to unwind, relax, and just forget about the world outside.

If the simple concept of privacy can make something as seemingly horrid as a porta-pottie seem like an oasis, imagine what it might do for other places. Giving people the ability to have an uninterupted 15 minutes of private time can be a great morale booster.