Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Heat

Some observations about the heat in the desert:

Recently the Second Lieutenant who sits near me, on his first tour, told me, "Man, you know when you're on a bus, and they have the heat blasting and the fan is right on your face and you can't turn it off? That's what it's like all of the time here!"

Another interesting thing to hear from a different Minnesotan, "It's pretty nice out today, I don't think it got over 110."

Talking to people who ran a recent 12K race that began at 5 a.m. (I was gone travelling, and so I missed it and was asking how it went); 3/4 of them said they couldn't take how hot it was.

I took a bottle of water off of a pallet while running in the afternoon a couple days ago and went to take a drink. It was like trying to drink coffee, burning your mouth.

You don't get wet from sweat most of the time because it evaporates off as quickly as your body can make it, leaving only salt lines.