Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dreaming of Iraqi Culture

Every day that goes by is one day closer to leaving. On the other hand, it is one day closer to going on a remarkable journey to a foreign land.

The leadership opportunities and cultural immersion will hopefully be an unbelievable learning experience that I will be getting paid good money to go through. The last time I deployed, I made the mistake of overlooking a lot of these great chances to learn the culture and practices of the Iraqi people.

Similar to studying abroad, I will be given the chance to see how people outside of our culture interact with each other as well as how they feel about their own experiences and world events. I am currently trying to learn their language and culture to prepare myself in order to interact with them as richly as possible. 

The Iraqi people have gone through tremendous hardships from 'Saddam' to 'The Invasion' to the 'Civil Unrest' that continues to take the lives of thousands. Some of the best western art and culture was born out of strife and hardship, so I don't doubt that the same might be true for the Iraqis.