Monday, February 16, 2009


The military, along with so many other organizations and people, keeps a strong reliance on superstitions and traditions. There are probably thousands of examples where the Army as an orgainzation or individuals within the Army have demonstrated at least a leaning towards superstitions. Some examples:

  • 34ID mobilized on Feb 10 this year, which was the anniversary of their mobilization for WWII in 1941 
  • Standing outside chow on Friday the 13th, we saw a black cat run by, and quite  few laughs were had at the bad omens that this occurrence is associated wtih
  • ETAB was mobilized on Dec 7, 2003, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, which many people thought could have good or bad meanings.
  • Many soldiers carry the bible, Koran, or other holy books in hopes of protection by God
  • Other soldiers carry rabbits' feet, and other similar items hoping those might protect them
Overall, superstition runs close wtih tradition, and though most people don't believe firmly in superstitions, the underlying current of them is still prevalent in the Army and society as a whole.